Consumers will have the choice between purchasing a Whole and Half Share in our Farm. This share will be for a period of 3 months and will be paid prior to the first months pick up date. Each months product box will consist of a variety of our Local Free-Range Beef and/or Pork. Our premium meats are Hormone and Preservative FREE. This program will allow customers to have guaranteed premium product at a set price each month, providing convenience and discounted products to each share holder.

      HALF SHARE:   $60 a month/3 months............$180.00 Total for 3 months

           Includes 6-7 pounds of premium meats (EXCLUDES: Filet, Ribeye, Porterhouse, and T-Bone)

           Will include Ground Beef along with various combinations of meats outside of the exclusions, such as

           Flat Iron Steak, Boneless Stew Meat, Sirloin Strip, Stir Fry, Hanger Steak, Roast, Pork Chops,

           Pork and Beef Sausage, Pork Bacon, etc.

You will have an option upon purchase for:

*All Beef Package

*Combination Beef and Pork Package

      WHOLE SHARE: $110 a month/3 months............$330.00 Total for 3 months

            Include 12-13 pounds of premium meats (EXCLUSIONS APPLY)

You will have an option upon purchase for:
*All Beef Package
*Combination Beef and Pork Package


Filets can be added on with your monthly purchase.

Add on to receive One approximately 6 ounce Filet with each months package

for an additional $57.50/ Total for 1 Filet each month / 3 months

Ribeye Add-On:

Add on to receive One Ribeye approximately 1 Pound with each months package

for an additional $90.00/ Total for 1 Ribeye each month / 3 months

Pickup Locations will be once a month at the following locations:

*MS Farmer's Market (1st Saturday of every month from 8am-12pm)

*Flowood Location (1st Monday of every month from 10am-5pm)

901 Lakeland Place, Suite 2, Flowood, MS

*Gluckstadt Location (1st Tuesday of every month from 10am-5pm)

        1716 Highway 51 North, Suite K, Madison, MS

*Clinton Location (1st Wednesday of every month from 10am-6pm)

821 East Northside Drive, Clinton, MS

***Unless prior arrangements are made

Reasons to purchase a share?

There are several positives to purchasing a share in local farms. A customer is then able to stand behind local farmers, being a major part in keeping fresh, local farm products available in their area. These shares also allow customers to have access to a monthly supply of their local farmers products. These monthly packages are picked up from designated locations at scheduled times and dates. Farmers are then able to have the means to produce quality products for customers in their area and develop relationships with the customers who support and use their product. Furthermore, these shares allow for year round growth of premium products. Thus allowing their customers access to these premium products at a price that is set in advance for each months products.  

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. This a way farmers sell shares to customers for farm products. CSA's allow customers to build relationships with the farmers in their community and support their growth. It also allows customers a direct link to receive farm products knowing exactly where the product is coming from and how they are grown.


    Remington-Lott Farms CSA Program 

​​Local Free Range Beef - Grain-Finished - Hormone-Free

​​​​Remington-Lott Farms